About Us

Since I was a child, I have had a passion for cars. In fact, I remember when my Dad took my brother and me to a professional MLB game. While my brother waited anxiously for an autograph from one of the famous athletes, my favorite part was waiting in the parking lot after the game to see what kind of fun car the athletes would drive away with. I remember one night when Jose Canseco drove away after the baseball game in a beautiful white Porsche 911. Another time, I saw Kobe Bryant speed away after a Laker’s game in a glistening red Ferrari. I remember just wishing one day I could drive a car like that . . . even if it was just for a day. To me, cars are as much a piece of art as some may view a Picasso or Monet. Some cars look as if they are going 100mph while standing still and others are sculpted as if they were molded by Michelangelo himself. This is what fueled my passion for ValetCarRentals.com and it brings me great joy to watch both kids and adults light up with a smile when they see a piece of art on the road. What better place to enjoy this experience than in beautiful, sunny Southern California!

It is our goal to help YOU create a memory like this that will last a lifetime. When you think back to the day you drove the new C-7 Corvette, we know you will smile! Whether its a business celebration, special anniversary, or a birthday, Valet Car Rentals will be here for you when you need us with 5 star service, Fun, and of course a Smile.

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